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Medication Aide
A medication aide, also referred to as a med tech, distributes patient medications in correctional facilities or non-hospital assisted-living facilities. Medication aides usually are directly supervised by doctors or other licensed caretakers. A person must pass a certification exam and be licensed by the Board of Nursing to was a medication aide. The primary knowledge and skill that a medication aide must have involves the proper administering of medication. He or she must know how to administer it through many types of methods, such as orally, and topically.
Medication Aide Program Prerequisites:
Satisfy admission requirements for Chambers Training Academy
Have successfully completed the Direct Care Staff Training by the Department of social Services for employment in an assisted living facility or an approved nurse aide education program.
Current PPD
Current CPR
Current HBV vaccination

Tuition: $700

 Evening classes

Length of class =18 business days (68 hours)
class times=6p to 10p Monday through Thursday
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