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Nurse Aide
Nurse aides can be employed in a variety of settings such as: doctors’ offices, home health, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, and hospitals. Many nurse aides work in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and hospices.
The responsibilities of a Nurse aide vary, depending on the area of employment. Nurse aides for long-term care facilities often assist residents with activities of daily living, while nurse aides in inpatient facilities assisting patients with daily, under the direction of a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. All Nurse Aides perform common tasks such as bed making, taking vital signs, assisting with eating, and admission/discharge processing.

Weekend classes 9am -4:30pm Saturday and Sunday

10 weeks

Evening Classes: 6pm to 10pm, Monday through Thursday

9 weeks


Nurse Aide Program Prerequisites:
Satisfy admission requirements for Chambers Training Academy

Current PPD
Current American heart association  CPR
Current HBV vaccination

Background check before entering the class
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